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Running "Hills" on the Treadmill

posted Jan 22, 2012 18:42:26 by jenhitch
Though running hills and trails outside is probably best, it is not always convenient, or there are not many substantial hills or trails near you. Here are a few articles that have some decent hill workouts that you can do on a treadmill (though many of these are variations of the same thing...) Please share if you have some other good links.
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Genevieve C said Jan 23, 2012 04:57:33
Hi Coach! The treadmill hill workouts sound really interesting. I noticed that on Thursday this week we have an easy hill run of 75 minutes. Out of the links that you posted, is there one treadmill workout in particular that you would recommend for that day? I've actually done a few workouts in the past on a treadmill and for those skeptics out there, it's actually really fun.
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MichelleKuoHarris said Jan 30, 2012 06:22:50
Done a few hill workouts not the treadmill... REALLY hard but I'm determined to get through them. This is why we train, right?
galen.farris said Mar 13, 2012 22:01:56
I do these types of workouts a lot and think they are great way to get a good speed/strength workout in, without the impact of running hard/fast on the roads. The "hill blaster" one is a good one--just set the treadmill at 10% or so and plug in a pace that is hard, but that can be maintained for a minute or so. Then run hard for a minute and then jump off using the treadmill's handrails and rest for a minute or two then repeat 8 to 10 times. The long hill climb is a good one too--set the treadmill at 8 to 10 % and put in a fairly easy pace and run for 40 minutes to an hour.
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