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Chip Trip

posted Jan 25, 2012 18:50:58 by ArnoldUtterback
I would like to see if we could gather a group of Chips to run the Across The Bay on March 18th. It's the week after Shamrock and a couple of weeks before Sac 10 Miler. It is a USATF road race, an opportunity to score some team points, and a great way to race and enjoy the company of fellow Chips. If we have enough interested it could be a Chip bus trip to the City by the Bay. text to link here...
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Genevieve C said Jan 27, 2012 01:35:29
That sounds like fun Arnold! I'm doing Shamrock but if the team is going I'll definitely consider it!
SteveAshe said Feb 02, 2012 01:47:02
Great idea! It's a great run. I'm in.
ArnoldUtterback said Mar 09, 2012 04:28:15
There is alway next year, said the eternal optimist......
The response was not enough to do a club bus trip this go around, I would like to shoot for 2013.
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