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ABI Treatment for hamstring injury

posted Feb 08, 2012 17:35:07 by Bridgette
I will be getting a treatment called Autologous Blood Injections where some of my own blood will be injected (during an ultrasound) into my crappy hamstring that refuses to heal. Has anyone else had this treatment? Good result? Thanks.
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Genevieve C said Feb 09, 2012 00:51:01
Good luck with that Bridge! I think Carol has read some studies on that. I'll ask her what she knows, but I know Dr Tanji comes highly regarded, so I'm hoping this is really going to help you.
cappp said Feb 12, 2012 18:27:09
hey bridgette,

i'm working on a study about these injections and it turns out that most randomized trials have shown these not to be effective. the study i'm specifically working on is for rotator cuff tears but the literature across the board has pretty much shown the same thing. there is a huge placebo effect.

i'm having similar hamstring issues. i've been down since about mid novermber now. there is a great article posted on rt.

the guy they quote wrote a good literature review about this problem for physician and sportsmedicine several years back. i'd go with this plan before going for any injections. my experience with this is that it will go away with reduced mileage and speed and increased strength training like the plan in this article. but it requires a huge amount of patience. you won't seem me doing speed any time soon but i'm slowly crawling my way back out.
Bridgette said Feb 13, 2012 18:23:19
Hi guys! Thanks for the info Carol. I'll check it out.
jenhitch said Feb 14, 2012 04:09:49
Bridgette, I think Lloyd Levine and Mark Lantz have done this, but in different areas. You may want to ask them as well! I'll have to get them on the forum!
Genevieve C said Feb 18, 2012 20:18:35
Hi Bridgette! How's the ABI treatment going? How are you doing?

Bridgette said Feb 18, 2012 20:52:25
Hi - Thanks Coach Jen for the info on the other members! I had my first treatment 2/16 so rest and recovery only for two weeks...then start small (easy jogging and eccentric exercises). I'll keep you posted. Thanks for checking Gen. Miss you guys!
cappp said Feb 24, 2012 21:31:37
hey bridgette,

i need to clarify my response earlier. i was mixing up autologous infusions with platet-rich-plasma infusions. apparently there is some benefit for autologous infusions and even just injecting the area with a needle to promote healing.

i've been following the running times article's exercises and doing active stretching and think i may have turned the corner this week. the main thing the RT article said was to not do any strengthening that irritated the high hamstring. so the ball bridges and ball curls i was doing was a bad thing.
Genevieve C said Feb 25, 2012 00:51:46
Hey Bridgette!
How is everything going? Give us an update. I booked my flights to Boston...
it won't be as fun without you there. I really hope this will work, it has to!!
Bridgette said Feb 28, 2012 18:59:51
Hi Carol - thanks for the update, that's basically what I've found out as well. Glad you've turned the corner!

Gen - Have a great race in Boston - I will be there in spirit! I'm rested and ready to try some easy jogging later this week. I'm feeling better! Working on healing visualization and making deals with god.
Talk to you soon!
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