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Across the Bay March 18th

posted Feb 14, 2012 19:37:19 by ArnoldUtterback
If interested in running "Across the Bay" this is a 12k on March 18 in San Francisco. Let me know. We have a few interested. If we get a large enough group a bus trip may just happen. This is a perfect trainer for Sac 10 miler and a great excuse to go to SF with the team. Reply on forum or send me an e-mail
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ArnoldUtterback said Mar 09, 2012 04:20:54
Well no bus this year. But some of us are going, and you can be assured we will look closely at the event, wearing our Chip uni, scoping the turf and readying the terrain for the coming of the herd.... maybe next year!
Gina said Mar 09, 2012 23:03:23
I'm planning on running. In fact, it finishes about a mile from our little itty bitty studio apartment. I'm happy to offer a place to clean up if anyone would like to go out to breakfast afterward.
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