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Sac Town 10 - April 1

posted Feb 23, 2012 01:06:48 by jenhitch
Okay, Coach is pushing this race. It's downtown, it's flat, it's fast, it's a pausatf race, and there will be many people running. No excuses. No April fooling. Sign up (and then post here that you registered). Chips, Chips, Chips!!
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Genevieve C said Feb 23, 2012 02:41:50
Hi Coach!
I will be in Phoenix with Carol for Jen Stern's wedding. Too bad it's on the same weekend, I would have definitely done it for sure.
MCunningham said Feb 23, 2012 20:13:58
I am signed up for this race!
ArnoldUtterback said Feb 23, 2012 21:02:07
Coach is pushing it, then I will be there. Should be a good event, I did it last year and this year it's expected to be bigger and better.
EdwardRandolph said Feb 24, 2012 01:17:29
I will be there.
BenjaminMolin said Feb 24, 2012 02:40:11
Wish I could be there. It looks like a great race.
Kendra said Feb 25, 2012 01:24:54
I think that is too soon for John and me after the Rome Marathon (3/18), or we would be there. I hate to make an excuse, but I think we'll be in recovery mode.
Laura Matz said Mar 01, 2012 00:04:38
If it wasn't the weekend before AR50 Kynan and I would be signed up.
itsmonicag said Mar 01, 2012 19:07:35
I am registered.
Jen Hitchings said Mar 07, 2012 04:56:16
Though I'll be running the AR50 the following weekend, I signed up for Sactown. I'm not in "racing" shape, but it will be fun to participate.

ArnoldUtterback said Mar 07, 2012 18:23:32
It would be great to have full master's women team with Jen. Doesn't matter top shape or working to get there, this is a PA-USATF race where you can help score for the Chips as part of the team.
EddieSchmidtSr. said Mar 09, 2012 18:53:09
I will be running it. I hope to beat last year's time, but not do anything stupid with AR50 coming 6 days later. See you all there.
Gina said Mar 09, 2012 23:07:55
Gee Arnold, you had to throw in the peer pressure about the masters womens team. I guess I'll have to sign up now. Are there any other Seniors signed up?
galen.farris said Mar 13, 2012 22:06:32
Kynan/Laura--I think the race is actually a good idea the week before AR50. If I were in town, I would be running. I'll probably be running a long tempo that weekend anyway. I just wouldn't go crazy hard. And I've heard some rumors that some REALLY fast runners will be there, so that might be cool to see.
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