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More Hills

posted Mar 09, 2012 04:09:37 by ArnoldUtterback
I know some of you out there are religious about hills, Carol are you listening? Anyway, this afternoon I joined with Ben and Louie and ventured to Fair Oaks via the b.t. and ran Bridge street. I had not done this for several years, and not done it consistently for probably 10 years, when George had a pretty large group going once a month on Thursdays. Anyway, what a great workout! Why have I not been doing this on a regular basis all these years. I loved this workout. It's by no means easy, but in a short space of time you can get the benefits of a speed workout without the taxing of your hamstrings. 30-40 minutes on the hill is challenging, exhilarating, and reminiscent of day when I was faster and stronger. There is even a drinking fountain
with cute little tiles at the bottom of the hill. Thanks guys, this is going to be part of my running rountine.
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Genevieve C said Mar 09, 2012 05:06:04
Way to go, Arnold!! Maybe I'll join you some time!
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