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Summer marathons

posted Mar 13, 2012 17:36:17 by MCunningham
Is anyone planning on a summer marathon? I'm looking at maybe doing SF in July or Santa Rosa in August
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BenjaminMolin said Mar 14, 2012 22:38:48
I ran SF last year. Or the first 18 miles of it. I cant say I would recommend it. Running the Golden Gate bridge is not as fun as it sounds. Too many people and not enough space.
ReedBreuer said Mar 21, 2012 06:06:54
SF isnt the fastest of marathons. i remember looking up santa rosa and having issues wth it. was it a 2-loop course? that may ave been my problem with it.
MCunningham said Mar 21, 2012 21:17:44
Thanks guys, maybe I'll just wait for CIM instead.
Kendra said Mar 26, 2012 19:45:14
John and I are doing SF in July.
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