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New Race Organization

posted Mar 21, 2012 15:38:58 by Laura Matz
It appears that a new (well, I haven't heard of them) race organization has taken over some of the Robert and Linda Mathis races. The company is called Elemental Running and Training. Here's the link:

Has anyone heard of them? Are their races organized well? I was thinking about signing up for a race and wanted to know what to expect.
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MCunningham said Mar 27, 2012 20:07:50
They organized the River City Marathon/Half that I did this past weekend, and I thought they did an alright job. It was previously a Robert/Linda Mathis race, and ERT took it over very recently so I don't know if this race is a reflection on their other events. The race was small and no-frills, but we started on time and packet pickup as quick and easy.

A couple of bad things: the last two aid stations of the race were missing (I overheard that they "were stolen" but I'm not sure how one steals an aid station), and they apparently ran out of money so they gave us cotton t-shirts instead of the promised tech shirts. Neither were huge deals for me, but it would be pretty tragic to have no aid stations in the last 8 miles of a full marathon...

Hope this helps!
ReedBreuer said Mar 27, 2012 21:48:26
the final 2 aid stations were stolen. i imagine somebody came across the at night and tables, chairs, and gatorade containers. other than that, this race was better done than a few change of pace runs ive done. the start of the half marathon was moved, but the course was exactly 13.1 so no complaints.
KynanMatz said Mar 28, 2012 02:11:57
Every time I've worked at an aid station, we set up to work and break down after the race. They didn't seem to really follow the same model. I went out on the parkway from Panera later that afternoon and there were tables still set up with water and Gatorade containers, no workers to be seen. It was a bit strange, like the volunteers just walked away when their shift ended. Good way to get stations stolen.
Laura Matz said Mar 28, 2012 18:06:51
Thanks for the info guys! I think I can give them a try at another race. I know this was their first race they took over from Robert and Linda Mathis so it was probably a bit of a scramble to get together.
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