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Sore Abs

posted Apr 02, 2012 18:51:51 by Laura Matz
So I have noticed after my longer races (marathon and longer) that in the last few miles my abs are really sore. They are really sore the next day too. Hubby doesn't seem to have this problem. Do I need to work them out more, I try to do sets of ab exercises 4-5 days a week, or is something wrong with my running form? Am I leaning too far forward? I don't notice the soreness on long training runs (24 miles), just during/after races. Any ideas or suggestions?
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BenjaminMolin said Apr 05, 2012 21:18:26
Doing abs will help your running in general. Im not sure why you get sore on those long races. But everything seems to be connected to the abs. Working them out wont hurt. Strong abs will help late in races and help keep you away from injury. Working out your back might help too.
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