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Buffalo Stampede Request

posted Apr 23, 2012 17:51:26 by Gina
I know that last year the regions' Firefighters held a 9-11 race the same weekend as the Stampede. The 9-11 race is patriotic and my firefighter sister, my daughter, and my Afghanistan veteran step-son want to run it this year. Unfortunately, I would also like to run the Stampede. In case I'm not the lone Chip who wants to do both (for love of my country and love of my Herd) would the Board/race directors considering holding the Stampede on the following weekend so we can all honor our firefighters and veterans? I recall in years past the Stampede was in late September. Plus, the Stampede, no matter how noble, would never be able to compete with the 9-11 tragedy and I sadly predict that we will see our numbers dwindle to next to nothing if we attempt to compete. I know I'm not on the Board, but would the Board consider this?
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ArnoldUtterback said Apr 26, 2012 19:32:07
Gina, stay tuned, there may be changes coming.
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GinaAdams said Apr 26, 2012 19:36:00
Thanks Arnold. I would really like to do both and I'm afraid that if I have to choose I will go with the 9-11 run with my step-son and sister who feel very strongly about 9-11.
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