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Starbucks off of Sunrise (In Gold Country shopping plaza) is this Sat, 4/28, meeting place.

posted Apr 23, 2012 20:39:43 by Jen Hitchings
Who's in?
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Kendra said Apr 24, 2012 17:52:42
I'll be there!
EddieSchmidtSr. said Apr 26, 2012 17:58:13
I'm not sure if running downstream will be an option on Saturday due to The Parkway Half.
ArnoldUtterback said Apr 26, 2012 19:16:03
I'll be there and Abe and Gen and a few others opting to get some hill work in too. Someone promised a perfect weather day also.
Jen Hitchings said Apr 26, 2012 23:45:23
I changed the workout to upstream and hills if you want.
ArnoldUtterback said Apr 26, 2012 23:50:03
Thanks Coach! All those doing the Chicken run will appreciate the hill work on race day May 6th.
Genevieve C said Apr 27, 2012 03:32:03
I'll be there too, with Carol! See you all there. Coffee afterwards?
JohnBlue said Apr 27, 2012 23:09:26
I'll be there! My plan is to run up and around the lake. I'm looking for somewhere around 16 to 18 miles.
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